Social Media Management

We will develop, monitor, and expand your social presence through professional social media management that only TSL Consulting can achieve.

Social Media Strategy

TSL Consulting will design a social media strategy that will grow your customer base, target new customers previously unknown and unavailable, increase brand awareness and expose your business to a far greater market than previously experienced, generate new business leads, increase business through referrals and recommendations, generate positive testimonials. 79% of all organizations recognize social media is an effective medium for building their presence globally. The only thing is the wall of noise needed to break through to engage with target market.

Social Media Management Packages

Monthly $200

*Create and post 20 times during the month 
*Answer questions, inquires and comments.
*Update Social Media Bio Monthly
*Manage 4 Contest, Giveaways or Offers monthly

Weekly- $ 500

*Create and post 14 times during the week 
*Answer questions, inquires and comments.
*Update Social Media Bio Weekly
*Manage 2 Contest, Giveaways or Offers


Daily - $ 1000 

*Create and post 3 times during the daily
*Answer questions, inquires and comments.
*Update Social Media Bio Weekly
*Manage 4 Contest, Giveaways or Offers


social media the new era of marketing

Social Media Posting

We take it upon ourselves to make your business successful in the social media world. By take the weight off your shoulders,  regularly monitoring the social activity of your company, our social media experts will manage you social accounts taking care of all the day-to-day social activities. 

Social Media Accounts We’ve Managed

Need help with your organization's social media account?